PASKR • [ (Pask • ûr’/) ]

a movement to simplify and improve on or make more effective and enjoyable any interactions, tasks, processes or events pertaining to the construction industry.

Paskr User:
progressive regarding technology, understands the power of access to a collaborative & focused network of people, conscientious of cause and effect, appreciates strategic process and enjoys freedom from menial tasks.

  • paskr-mantraimprovement allowing growth with less effort within months
  • paskr-mantraof processes to eliminate manual work such as filing and mailings
  • paskr-mantrain how workflow is done for every manager
  • paskr-mantramovement that automatically creates and supports lean processes
  • paskr-mantrain less paperwork providing more time for sales efforts

To be the catalyst that allows our clients, their employees and vendors to realize growth and an improved quality of day by connecting to our software services.
Paskr’s constant movement toward Productivity, Automation, Standardization, and your own kinetic motion will result in the pinnacle achievement of the Paskr vision becoming your reality.


Purpose or Why:
Build a community within the construction industry with a common purpose of a simplified work environment that minimizes risk, conflicts and stress.

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