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You’re poised and ready to tackle your next construction project. But are you confident you can get your team the information they need right when they need it? And what happens when the project scope changes? How many times will you have to re-enter data to get the schedule right? Stop worrying and start working — the Paskr way. Learn more about our construction project management software features. Then, request a Custom Demo to see them in action or call us at 615.212.3036 to get started.

Automated Scheduling

The ability to create, edit and manage schedules for any construction project is critical to its success. Additionally, all of your team members and subcontractors must have up-to-the-minute access to this information to avoid unnecessary hiccups or project delays. With Paskr, our integrated project scheduling feature eliminates the need to integrate third-party scheduling software with your project management software or manage timelines in two places.

  • Enter a schedule change once and Paskr auto-adjusts remaining tasks immediately.
  • Provide your project managers with easy access to all schedules in one place.
  • Utilize automated reminders to keep tasks on schedule and all interested parties in the loop.
  • Benefit from native scheduling functionality in a system that encourages best practices in all aspects of your construction project management.

Get complete details on Paskr’s Integrated Project Scheduling (IPS) module here.

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Automatic Updating

With all the paperwork in contracting, there are bound to be a few mistakes —and every one of them will cost you serious money. Not with Paskr; it automatically populates all of your important documents with accurate data drawn from the original source. With one click, you get perfect purchase orders, transmittals, RFIs and a lot more.

  • Use auto-population to ensure every document you create feeds information forward to all relevant documents for the ultimate efficiency and accuracy.
  • Prevent mistakes with auto-task triggering and auto-notification, automatically notifying team members of all tasks that must be completed before work can continue.
  • Encourage best practices and reduce errors across the board with our process standardization, making it easy to identify exactly what you’re looking for.

Centralized Data

Our online filing cabinet is much more than meets the eye; it’s a personal assistant always able to deliver exactly the document you need in the moment you need it, even if you haven’t yet had the time to create it. All information from your company, your contacts and the project history is fed into new documents, eliminating rework and reducing clerical errors.

  • Find and access documents in a snap with automatic file naming and filing.
  • Automatically keep correspondence audit trails and relevant documents connected, eliminating tedious and time-consuming research when issues arise.
  • Reduce errors, omissions and costly time spent reconstructing project history with Paskr’s process control, where every event in bidding is captured on subsequent documents like bid invitations, owner proposals and contracts.
  • Prevent errors in overbilling by requiring all correct documentation before invoices can be submitted.

e-Signature + Notary

Construction projects often require the work of a team of individuals from companies scattered regionally, nationally or even internationally. That can make the process of obtaining signatures and approvals frustrating and time-consuming. With Paskr, you can put this hassle and headache behind you. Our legally binding digital signature process can be executed with a few simple clicks at various steps throughout a project.

  • Meet the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act with our digital signature and notary features.
  • Get subcontracts and change orders created, sent, signed and received in minutes instead of weeks or months.
  • Eliminate the time and costs associated with paper contracts, including printing, postage and administration.

Financial Integration

Paskr has revolutionized the way general contractors control their finances. Our system lets you create an Automated Projected Budget based on original bids and update it in real time as the project unfolds. Our process makes it simple to create job set-ups with automatic notifications and timelines, eliminating dropped information from project management to accounting.

  • Keep your accounting department in the loop with automatic audit reports in real time as change orders and purchase orders are submitted and approved.
  • Stay on top of sub billing with pre-coded invoices delivered automatically, eliminating the need for manual typing.
  • Get faster turnaround on owner billing as the project manager enters and digitally delivers updates in real time.
  • Control billing by requiring signature and project manager approval of all correct documents (subcontracts, change orders, lien releases) before invoices are completed.

Integrated Daily Log

With Paskr, your schedule is integrated with your daily logs. Our ground breaking construction scheduling design will speed up your paperwork process, improve communication with your superintendents in the field and get you out of the paperwork business and back into the construction business.

  • Automate Schedule Update from Daily Logs
  • Keeps Project Manager appraised of vital project information
  • True integration makes Paskr the smarter software

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Mobile App

Paskr Mobile On the Move, allows superintendents to communicate efficiently with Project Managers to address scheduling conflicts in real time, keeping your project moving forward naturally. Ideal for use during field walk-throughs and onsite operations, our mobile app allows you to update, record, document and photograph issues as they are discovered. Information is immediately stored, properly filed and available to your team from anywhere, at any time.

  • Single click calls to Contacts
  • Contact Team Member via phone, text, email
  • Punch-List Management with Photo upload and notification by trade

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Plan Room


We know it’s important that you have a dynamic web based Plan Room, and are excited to deliver it to you. Our new Plan Room features will simplify and enhance your projects. We manage those small details consistently and without oversight to produce powerful results.

Paskr’s new Plan Room will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Keep everyone on the same page during pricing phase.
  • Allow you to notify & track revision cycles during the Bidding process.
  • Manage small details consistently and without oversight.
  • Allow for new phases.
  • Enumerated Documents and Addenda tying seamlessly & automatically to all new subcontracts as they are issued: No editing, oversight, or data entry necessary.
  • Specifications, packages, photos & categories named & tracked like you understand without restrictions during the full life cycle of the project.
  • Access to all relevant documents at all times to all team members be it Architect, Owner or Vendor.
  • All contract type documents have the option to be linked together so you can quickly see how a specification or ASI applies to a drawing detail.
  • Annotate your PDF drawings as information reveals itself for your As-Built drawings.
  • Revisions tied to the original source automatically to create an accurate audit trail to support Change Orders.
  • Plan Room updates automatically and with a single click, sends notices of the exact changes without any typing required.
  • Simple to use and has automatic documentation, details and linking of all project work documents.

We know the cornerstone of your project is your plan. Let the power of Paskr propel your project forward. Our top priority is simple time saving results for our clients. We make complexity, simple.

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Don't just take our word for it, here is a subcontractor talking about Paskr:

As a subcontractor downloading my Contractor’s Plans, PASKR worked better & faster than any other software I have used. ISQFT is absolutely the slowest & most time consuming. I will recommend your construction management software.

Jeff Smith of Millwork Partners – Wylie, TX

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Quickbooks Integration

For years general contractors have been looking for a way to seamlessly integrate robust project management software with a proven accounting system. That’s why Paskr has partnered with Intuit to develop our newest software feature: QuickBooks Integration. With just a single upfront programming charge, you’ll have the ability to enjoy one complete, user-friendly construction project management software solution for managing the accounting process from start to finish.

  • Access the information you need by pulling accounting data at your desired interval, whether every minute, hour, day or otherwise.
  • Trigger automatic updates of job set-up and accounting/budgeting data once a job is set to “In Progress” within Paskr.
  • Enjoy compatibility with QuickBooks for Contractors 2015 or earlier versions, or the new QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Maximize the value of QuickBooks’ standard workflow by marrying it with the best construction project management software available today.
Get complete details on Paskr’s QuickBooks Integration module here. View complete details

Risk Management

To avoid costly legal risks, Paskr makes it easy for your entire team to follow best practices without jeopardizing the efficiency of the project. Our software eliminates disputes and removes the excuse for unauthorized work by reducing the time for a subcontract’s creation from weeks to mere minutes.

  • Eliminate disputes by recording every activity with time and date stamps, keeping logs for all pertinent processes and maintaining full transparency throughout.
  • Keep a correspondence audit trail with time- and date-stamped records of all communication, which is automatically attached to all relevant documents.
  • Require correct task sequencing for contracts, change orders and billing, thereby minimizing the risk of legal disputes, preventing uninsured contractors from working, and removing any excuse for overbilling.
  • Access a complete project history at any point in the project’s execution for full transparency.

Seamless Collaboration

Project managers, supervisors and subcontractors all need to work together, but it can be extremely difficult to coordinate in-person communication. Paskr creates a cloud-based system where the team can maintain and manage daily logs, submittals, RFIs, meeting minutes and RFPs for anytime access in the office, in the field or on the go.

  • Collaborate as a team 24/7 in the Plan Room, where you can respond to other members’ requests and access updated information.
  • Keep team members accountable for RFIs with a dashboard, automatic email correspondence and a dynamically populated log.
  • Send out automated reminders for time-sensitive documents and maintain an audit trail for all financial changes.
  • Provide easy-to-see dashboard updates that highlight when one task is missing to avoid holding up the entire project.

Subcontractor Billing

If you’re a builder, you want to build. Yet it’s important you get paid fairly and on time for the work you complete. One of the most common complaints about construction project management software is the inability to integrate subcontractor billing. That’s why Paskr is proud to be the only software that allows subcontractor billing online.

  • Allow your subcontractors to bill digitally from anywhere, anytime rather than back at the office.
  • Eliminate overbilling and coding errors by automating the billing process.
  • Let project managers approve or reject sub billing with just a few clicks, minimizing undue time and stress from ongoing communication.
  • Avoid the hassle and expense of trying to integrate third-party billing solutions into your project management software.

The 5-Minute Change Order

Not every step of every project goes as planned. But when a change order is necessary, the process shouldn’t be complicated. With Paskr, we’ve developed a process so efficient that change orders can be created, signed, approved and completed in just minutes. Plus, it eliminates paperwork, printing, postage and — best of all — the hassle of unnecessary back and forth between owner, project manager and subcontractor.

  • Provide a description of the change order and any extension requested from the owner while auto-populating costs codes for division items.
  • Create owner and subcontractor change orders simultaneously with mark-up rates automatically calculated in the pricing.
  • Make use of our digital signature authorization with just a few clicks, and send email notifications to owners and/or subcontractors automatically.
  • Enjoy automatic approval dating and one-click approvals from both parties.

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