A Continued Commitment to Our Customers

There are a number of construction document management software options on the market, many making bold claims without backing them up. At Paskr, we don’t believe in empty promises; we make better project management a reality. After all, Paskr is the first construction document management software designed specifically for general contractors by general contractors.

Throughout our company’s history, we’ve always put our clients’ needs first and utilized our clients’ input to evolve. With all of that feedback, we’ve created five Paskr brand promises to address the most common problems construction management professionals face:

  • PROBLEM 1: Routine paperwork takes too much time out of a project manager’s day.
    • PROMISE 1: Paskr minimizes paperwork by reducing redundant data entry and clerical tasks.
  • PROBLEM 2: Errors and omissions cause delays, rework and profit loss.
    • PROMISE 2: Paskr reduces risk, errors and omissions by using standardized and repeatable process.
  • PROBLEM 3: Budget changes and obligations are not properly delivered to accounting.
    • PROMISE 3: Paskr delivers financial updates in real time, reducing information drop and errors.
  • PROBLEM 4: Project schedules require constant maintenance and don’t relay information to the project team in real time.
    • PROMISE 4: Paskr’s living Integrated Project Scheduling (IPS) module delivers instant updates to all project team members with a single click.
  • PROBLEM 5: There’s no one to enforce implementation and use of a common system.
    • PROMISE 5: Paskr uses a stepped process that does not require a person to monitor adherence.

By building on these promises, we’ve been able to help a growing number of professionals involved in every aspect of construction project management save time and money while building hours back into their days.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience our Paskr brand promises firsthand, now’s the time. Contact us for more information or schedule a one-on-one demo today of our construction document management software.

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