We want to be a part of your team, and will work hard to support every member. We will bring standardization and automate all repeatable processes to reduce the time it takes your team to complete tasks and reports. Where frequent travel happens without notice or travel expenses being reimbursed. All while constantly being put in high stress and pressure situations. It is my hope to have to interact with multiple bosses, styles and personalities many times in a day. Hopefully, the opportunity for advancement, profit sharing or benefits would not exist. Finally, I would gladly accept pay cuts if workload decreases.



2004 – CurrentPaskr, LLC

  • 52,000 contracts, scope changes, and billing managed without incident
  • Over 158,000 unique company contact lists maintained
  • 2 billion dollars in project budgets managed
  • 28,000 bids successfully completed
  • Teaching students at Middle Tennessee State University how to be a PM


  • Pre-coding invoices and time cards preventing overbilling for approval
  • Owner billings pre-filled with vendor billings for the month
  • Project Schedules tied to and automated with field Daily Logs
  • Keeping Accounting updated in real time
  • Maintaining Customer Support of 60K users at a 90% approval rating
  • paskr-mantraroductivity improvement allowing growth with less effort within months
  • paskr-mantrautomation of processes to eliminate manual work such as filing and mailings
  • paskr-mantratandardization in how workflow is done for every manager
  • paskr-mantrainetic movement that automatically creates and supports lean processes
  • paskr-mantraesults in less paperwork providing more time for sales efforts
  • Creating ROI of better than 150%
  • Managing labor-intensive tasks with no recognition for contribution required
  • Anger & Stress management specialist as time frames get reduced
  • Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks



  • Superior performance at half the cost of any person that you would hire to do these tasks
  • Salary at a rate below minimum wage and legal in all states
  • No benefits desired or required

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Your Demo

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