There’s Smart Software; Then There’s PASKR

You’ve probably heard about storing data and other information in the cloud. But what does that really mean — and more importantly, how can it improve your job?

Paskr is a web and cloud-based construction project management software solution. In other words, every detail logged about your project is accessible anywhere, anytime, by any device as long as you have internet access. No more walking back to the office or the trailer to make a scheduling adjustment or put in a change order; simply pull up Paskr on your smartphone, tablet or laptop from the job site and move on to the next order of business.

Beyond PASKR’s accessibility, our software was built with you and your needs in mind. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice time or money to get a project management solution that delivers. Instead, you should benefit from inherent features that handle the repetitive, time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks with ease. That’s why we’ve focused on three key deliverables that make our cloud-based construction project management software a real industry standout:

Increases Productivity

Paskr offers proven ways to help your team produce more work in less time, and eliminate many tasks entirely.

Keeps Budget in Real Time

Creating a budget in arrears of the work makes it hard to keep costs in line. Use Paskr to prevent scope creep.

Reduces Errors and Omissions

When you reduce mistakes, you reduce your costs … and your liability risks. Paskr helps you do all three at once.

Curious to know just how we package it all together at a price you can afford? Contact us to schedule a custom demo, or view our complete feature listing for more information about our web and cloud-based construction project management software.

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