Our Mission

Our mission at Paskr is to design, build and implement the best Construction Project Management Software. We wanted more than a digital filing cabinet. Paskr reduces redundant & labor intensive tasks. It’s error free work space resulting in increased productivity and profitability. Our mission was to be part of your success.

Brief History

As a general contractor, I was frustrated by the lack of a simple to use technology tool to streamline the construction operations and project management process. Accordingly, I set out to develop it. I created Paskr in 2004, and since them I’ve worked with some of the most interesting and amazing people in the business. We’re all striving to find a better answer. I hope we never stop.


Top 5 reasons you want to work with us:

  • You’ll live wherever you want. Our team covers every time zone.
  • You’ll live longer. Happiness leads to longevity.
  • You’ll use your superpowers. You’ll never be a cog.
  • You’ll build success, for yourself and for others.
  • You’ll have your “lucky day” everyday. Our clients are the BEST.

Open Positions

Visit the Paskr Career job board for our open positions and positions open around the country for businesses that use Paskr Construction and Project Management software

Paskr Careers Positions

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Your Demo

View the benefits of
Paskr software firsthand

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