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Some companies like to focus on simplifying construction project management for just one type of user. But how does that help the rest of the stakeholders who are critical to your project’s success? At Paskr, we know better; therefore, we build better. Our cloud-based construction accounting software ensures that each key individual on your project has the access and ability to contribute to success. Whether a team member is providing oversight, running the project, handling the financials or subcontracting on the job, Paskr offers one simple solution to meet everyone’s needs.

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Today’s GC owners and CEOs are often faced with the task of managing multiple construction projects — projects that may be scattered across the city or country. What’s more, these projects may be supported by teams that are just as geographically diverse. Regardless, owners are responsible for ensuring these projects are completed on time and on budget. That’s why so many are turning to Paskr for a seamless project management solution.

Paskr tracks every document, every change order and other types of project updates automatically. As an owner, this frees up time and energy you might otherwise be spending checking in and following up. Plus, it allows your project managers to get out from under piles of paperwork and into the field where they can do their jobs more effectively. Paskr even standardizes processes like time card approval and sub billing with best practices in mind, which means the onus is on your subcontractors — not your PMs — to make sure the details are handled.

In addition to automatic scheduling and triggered notifications, Paskr helps eliminate mistakes from manual entries by feeding information forward and tracking budget details in real time. In other words, say goodbye to scope creep and hello to an accounting team that’s in the know. Paskr even resolves disputes, eliminates unauthorized work and removes any excuse for overbilling while providing you easy access to the entire project history.

Paskr is cloud-based construction scheduling software that can be accessed for up-to-the minute information from anywhere on any device with internet connectivity. More importantly, your team members can do the same. With everyone in the loop and working together, your projects will go from concept to close much more efficiently.

The job of a project manager is comprehensive and complex. From providing updates to owners and organizing data for accounting to overseeing contracts and subcontractors, project managers are forced to wear many hats … and change them out frequently. If you’re a project manager who’s struggled with keeping it all together while keeping your sanity, it’s time you take a look at Paskr.

On past projects, you’ve done your best to make sure no one underbids, over-bills or forgets to sign a contract. You know what it’s like to have 10 different people asking for change orders while you try your best to recalculate the entire budget every time. You’re also well aware of subcontractors who lag behind and cost you money — or those who overcharge only for you to find out when it’s too late. With Paskr, no more.

Paskr cloud-based construction accounting software provides information in real time about exactly what any and every change will do to the overall project. It updates your schedules automatically so subcontractors know what they’re responsible for and when. It even automates your invoices to ensure a small oversight doesn’t become a big blown budget once the project is complete.

When someone needs a signature, a change order or an approval on a paint color, you can feel confident these details don’t derail your entire project. Automated reminders and anytime online access will keep every team member up to date and on task. Most importantly, you can eliminate the piles of paperwork in your trailer and get back into the field to spend more time doing what you do best: managing great projects.

Ultimately, the success or failure of a construction project often comes down to cost. As a project evolves from concept through close, it’s easy for small changes to become big problems for the bottom line. Yet, it seems like accounting is typically the last to know. But what if the accounting team could access real-time updates from the field and have immediate access to everything from purchase orders and requests for pricing to sales tracking and change orders?

With Paskr cloud-based construction accounting software, accounting is no longer left out in the cold. Anytime your project manager signs off on a change order, a purchase order or any other task that involves modification of the budget, your accountant will receive an alert so you can be aware of the change.

Because Paskr forwards all information throughout the project, gone are the days of tracking down when and where a number got miscopied or mistyped. In addition to saving you from extra work due to human error, Paskr will provide you with access to a clean change order log, automated audit reports, pre-coded invoices and single-click purchase orders.

If at any point during the project the budget looks inflated, you’ll know about it in real time — instead of long after the fact. That way you can address it in a timely manner and give owner updates without worry things are spiraling out of control in the field. In the end, Paskr will add time back into your days to focus on other accounting challenges at hand.

Subcontractors are often at the mercy of a schedule that is constantly evolving. Without a reliable project manager communicating all of the necessary updates, it’s easy for a project to get off track and out of control. For subcontractors, that may mean showing up unprepared or at the wrong time … creating both conflict and chaos for everyone involved. That’s where Paskr comes into play.

As a subcontractor, you’re not only responsible for managing your team, you’re required to manage how your team integrates with other professionals on the job. Without robust project information at hand, that’s a tough task. With Paskr, you can check in anytime from anywhere to confirm your work schedule. You’ll have easy access to all of the project contacts in case questions arise or information is missing, allowing you to save both time and money when things are done right and on time.

From pre-bidding through closeout, Paskr streamlines a project at every phase. Because contracts generate automatically, you can feel confident human error isn’t going to cause payment conflict at a later date. Automated reminders with updated scheduling will keep you apprised of the project’s overall progress and help you manage your team more successfully. You’ll also have access to important documents and emails, like change orders, drawing sets, RFIs and submittals, eliminating any guesswork from the project’s next steps.

Paskr construction scheduling software is extremely user-friendly, and your team will see the benefits in no time. Users can quickly upload photos of work in progress and work completed, provide updates in the daily log, and access the most current punchlist any time for a high level of accountability. With Paskr, there are no questions about scope of work, schedule or really anything. Instead, you’ll enjoy getting in, getting the work done and getting paid, all in a timely manner.

From managing day-to-day operations to organizing the sub-contractors on the jobsite, the job of superintendent is no easy task. Historically, maintaining solid communication with the project manager has been one of the role’s primary ongoing challenges. Now, thanks to Paskr’s ability to provide up-to-the-minute details on every aspect of a project, that’s a thing of the past.

Unlike many computer programs, Paskr was designed with a superintendent’s needs in mind. Paskr’s mobile app gives you instant access to the data, scheduling and project details you need from any smartphone or tablet, whether you’re on the job site, in the trailer or checking in from home. Using basic phone functions, you can quickly enter timecards, request and answer RFIs, update the punchlist, and upload photos of the jobsite for the rest of the team to see.

To enhance all aspects of project communication, Paskr provides easy access to the project’s contact database. What’s more, it records all of your correspondence to provide a complete audit of every detail of the work done on the jobsite. When entering information into the daily log, it automatically communicates with the Integrated Project Scheduling (IPS) module. If a material delivery did not arrive on the specified date, Paskr will let you know and immediately notify the PM for you.

If you’re tired of the hassle generally associated with communicating detailed information about site conditions, site visitors and employee attendance, give Paskr a try. In no time you’ll find yourself in perfect step with the project, the project schedule, the project manager, the subcontractors, material deliveries to the jobsite and so much more!

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