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4 Ways to Develop a Digital Savvy Workforce

The construction industry has had a longstanding reputation for falling a little behind when it comes to adopting new technology.

New platforms, however, improve the flow of information, raise efficiencies through standardization, and help lower cost of operations. And quite simply, technology has replaced a lot of traditional processes across different industries.

Clearly, technology has evolved from simply complementing business processes to now being the backbone of most organizations. It wasn’t long before the construction industry slowly started to embrace everything that going digital had to offer. As a result, there was a shift from dated systems to developing and cultivating a digital savvy workforce.

How? Here are key tips to keep in mind:

1. Acknowledge that teams are made up of multi-generational employees

The workforce today is more diverse than ever. It’s typical for an office to have teams composed of Baby Boomers, GenX-ers, and Millennials. Each generation was exposed to varying levels of technological influence, which means their learning curve and adaptability to new technology, and comfort level, will also be different.

Understanding these differences and maximizing the collective benefit of them will make it easier to introduce new technology and train team members.

2. Identify early adopters in your company

There will be a certain few in your organization who are more inclined to learn new technology. Use them. Give them advance, hands-on opportunity to familiarize themselves with it and learn how to use it. Team members who are reluctant about new technology will be more comfortable learning something new from their colleagues.

3. Customize your approach to training

A generic, hour-long “training in a box” approach isn’t going to ensure that your team members will learn the skills they need to keep up with a constantly evolving industry. Make the training program relatable and timely for all your team member’s needs. Take the time to discuss what approach your employees will be most comfortable with.

4. Leverage the right technology

Companies that have successfully leveraged technology to develop and grow their company do so by focusing on the right digital tools that actually work. Instead of trying to learn every new piece of technology, they choose tools tailored to their objectives and vision for their organization. Whether it’s something as simple as a chat app to maintain constant communication with team members or a more comprehensive project management software that can streamline internal processes for your company, learn it inside out and master them. Focusing on the right technology can also minimize unnecessary costs.

Lastly, take a proactive approach

Approach new technology with confidence. Be positive about what it can do for your team and your company. A positive approach can be infectious and encourages team members who are initially apprehensive about going digital.

If you’re in the construction business and have tips on how to create and develop a digitally-savvy team, leave a comment below.

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