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5 Reasons Why Digital Monitoring Is Critical to the Construction Industry

In construction, monitoring the various aspects of a project — from paperwork to equipment — is essential to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Given how construction requires multiple departments to run cohesively, this can be a challenge. So, to help manage everything, businesses are turning to technology for help, specifically construction management software (CMS).

CMS can provide additional administrative support to improve operational efficiencies. Additionally, it allows for effective monitoring and tracking of key areas throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Take a close look at the points below, explaining the importance of monitoring to your project:

1. Ensure quality control

Managing the quality of projects used to be a skill-driven effort. It required administrative employees who had a keen eye for detail, equipment that functioned properly, construction teams who were experienced, and stakeholders completely dedicated to maintaining the same level of quality.

By opting to automate your monitoring, you can reduce this time and effort-intensive process. With a CMS that offers monitoring capabilities, key processes can be tracked from start to finish, enabling you to keep an eye on everything from permits to schedules.

2. Keep track of deadlines

Construction can be divided into four phases — planning, execution, project monitoring and control, and project closing. Each phase requires requires different teams to plan key deadlines and timelines, which can be a confusing, tedious and time-consuming process. More importantly, with multiple dates and deadlines to keep track of, there’s a greater chance for those in charge to succumb to human error.

The best way to manage this complexity, is by adopting a platform that allows you to centralize all these key tasks in a single system, such as a CMS. Not only will you be able to automate schedules, but you can also take advantage of streamlining your monitoring in such a way that maximizes your team’s productivity and resources.

3. Guarantee supplier performance

Suppliers are a big part of a project’s completion. Negotiations with your vendor and other stakeholders are critical to ensuring that you get materials at the most cost-efficient rate. Also, contracts between partners are prone to changes and updates.

Staying up to date on what has been agreed upon and keeping everyone in the loop can be confusing and time-consuming. Employ a CMS that will help you keep track of everything seamlessly.

4. Maintain health and safety

Health and safety risks are a major concern for the construction industry. While project managers do try their best to anticipate any unfortunate incidents, the fact is, accidents do happen. The best any company can do is to ensure they have reliable risk assessment strategies in place, and the capability to carry out these strategies if required.

Identifying potential hazards is anchored on being able to monitor every facet of the project closely, especially equipment quality and what’s happening on-site.

5. Stay within budget

Staying within budget has long been a challenge for construction projects. As much as you try to anticipate and plan for the expected outcomes, as your project concludes, there’s just no telling what could actually happen.

Again, monitoring every stage of the construction process within a project as it’s completed is critical to controlling spending and staying within budget. Accurate accounting of expenses incurred makes it easy to track where you can cut costs.

These days, you hear a lot about how technology is changing the construction industry. Adoption of the latest tools can increase efficiency, improve communication, and streamline operations — specifically when it comes to monitoring key phases of the construction process.

Have you tried using a construction management software? Tell us all about your experience below.

If you are interested in using a construction management software to streamline your construction business and operations, contact PASKR today and find out how we can help.

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