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How to Build a Great Communication System for Your Team

As a project manager, you recognize the importance of communication in everything that you do. In construction, it’s a critical factor that contributes to the efficiency, safety, and timeliness of your job; especially since larger teams are especially prone to miscommunication.

Today, thankfully, modern technology affords construction companies to build a great communication system that allows every facet of the business to operate seamlessly. Here are 5 practical ways that you can do that —

1. Consistent reporting

Make it a point to require different teams, vendors, and departments to develop and submit regular project progress reports or status reports. Typically, once a week updates are a great way to stay on top of everything. If you have a CMS (construction management software) in place, this can be something that can be easily automated for accuracy and expediency.

2. Team alignments

Daily or weekly alignments are critical to making sure everyone is on the same page. Of course, given how busy everyone is and the pace that most construction projects follow, this isn’t always possible. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort and find time to align with your team. A ‘toolbox chat’ provides a centralized group chat where everyone can update various teammates about the most pressing concerns or recent accomplishments. You can also try to set aside a day out of the work week where everyone can convene for meetings to discuss objectives and milestones.

3. Prioritize transparency

As a project manager, make it a priority to focus on transparency. This is the best way to track and monitor exactly where everyone is in the whole process. All important data should be easily accessible by critical team members, regardless of where they are working.

4. Communicate intelligently

Emails, as useful as they are, can be confusing if you have to retrace threads or track previous messages. Instant messaging can be unwieldy and tedious due to switching from one platform to the next repeatedly. Phone calls mean you won’t have a hard copy to use as reference. Despite all of your communication options today, you should still be very mindful of how you communicate to avoid wasting time. A CMS is a great way to centralize all communications and minimize confusion.

5. Leverage on tools

There are numerous technological innovations available that can help you define a system of communication and coordination that you and your team can rely on. In fact, 44 percent of employees want a wider adoption of communication tools.

A CMS, given its numerous features that support collaboration, transparency, communication, data gathering, risk assessment — just to name a few — is a great tool to start with. These robust software solutions are especially useful for working environments that support geographically diverse teams, or employees who are constantly on the go.

Trying new technological solutions opens the way to realizing just how much easier everything can be. If you’re interested in using a construction management software to streamline your construction business and operations, contact PASKR today and find out how we can help.

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