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How Well Do You Know Your Construction Management Software?

If you’re using a construction management software (CMS), you probably already know that it’s the best way to streamline operations for your business. But have you really taken the time to delve into its features? How well do you know what your CMS can and cannot do?

Take this short quiz to find out.

Answer True or False to each question and find out the answers at the end of this post.

1. CMS can help reduce the amount of paper that is typically used by any construction company leading to significant cost efficiency.

2. CMS lets you streamline contacts in a single place ensuring accessibility and providing central storage.

3. Project plans can be stored in a central place, including addenda, drawings, and photos.

4. While digitally signing and sending contracts is possible, creating a proposal still has to be conducted separately.

5. Construction management software can let you automate bids into contracts.

6. Tracking is automated — however you still have to create a separate log sheet to update your project schedule.

7. Different apps and tools used to manage different aspects of the business can be integrated into a single, centralized platform.

8. Change orders can be issued automatically.

9. A reliable CMS will let you track lien releases, subcontracts, owner contracts, bonding, and insurance.

10. A CMS isn’t just about organization, it also helps facilitate communication and collaboration between team members.


Now take a look at how well you actually know your CMS —

1. TRUE. CMS has provided construction firms a better way to manage the cost and trouble associated with using paper. As an industry that has been consistently reliant on printing, CMS now offers easier ways to manage documents, organize paperwork and foster collaboration, ultimately reducing the need for printing, photocopying and manual filing.

2. TRUE. CMS allows you to store all your contacts in a single place. This helps reduce the time it usually takes to find relevant information on a client or stakeholder, and helps minimize bottlenecks when it comes to coordination.

3. TRUE. All project plans, along with key information such as addenda, drawings, and photos can be stored in a central, accessible location that helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. FALSE. Construction companies typically go through hundreds, if not thousands of bid invitations and proposals. CMS can ensure that everything is digitized for better tracking. You can sign and send the contracts easily and automate the creation of bids using the same platform.

5. TRUE. A reliable CMS is equipped with features designed to streamline the bidding process, from procurement to bid. It’s a welcome addition that helps minimize the more tedious part of the business.

6. FALSE. CMS is fully capable of automatically logging and updating project schedules daily — including time cards.

7. TRUE. A good CMS already has multiple functionalities that minimizes, if not completely eliminates, the use of multiple tools such as accounting softwares, chat and messaging tools, spreadsheets etc.

8. TRUE. Keeping track of change orders can be confusing, especially if the team isn’t on the same page. Change orders are automated via CMS ensuring efficiency.

9. TRUE. These critical aspects of running a construction business are efficiently tracked and monitored. Having this kind of awareness and transparency over your business means nothing catches you off guard.

10. TRUE. A reliable CMS is known for organizing the mountains of paperwork that the construction industry typically generates. But in addition to this, it’s also able to empower teams with tools that support clear communication and facilitate better collaboration.

Give yourself a point for each correct answer. How well did you do? If you scored less than 7 points, you might need to dedicate more time towards learning more about what your CMS can do.

Remember, when it comes to choosing a reliable CMS, find one with the experience and heritage to boast hundreds of thousands construction professionals using it. Remember, not all CMS are made equal. So be sure to use one with a long list of customers who can vouch for its effectiveness.

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