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All businesses use paper; some practically depend on it. Among the latter are construction companies. And between printing invoices, blueprints, contracts, permits, receipts, permit applications, and project updates, it may seem like going paperless is close to impossible.

Printing costs money and it also takes an actual toll on the environment—so doing everything you possibly can, to minimize it, is critical for businesses today. In fact, according to INC Magazine as published by totallypaperless.com, “it costs approximately $250 to recreate a lost document.”

Technology however has provided construction firms an easier way to manage cost and ensure better efficiency–thanks to construction management software. Here’s how—

1. Document Management

A reliable construction management software offers reliable and efficient document management solutions that can significantly minimize print and paper waste. Instead of individually printing and filing each and every document required to run your business, you can save everything in digital format and file it neatly which allows easy access to key stakeholders. This can help minimize printing cost and even courier or messenger fees as you can now send important documents back and forth electronically.

2. Efficient Organization

One of the biggest bottlenecks in construction firms is the inability to find and fill up the right paperwork when it’s needed. Locating forms and documents quickly is actually critical to a company’s ability to operate efficiently and meet deadlines.

When all your documents are digitally stored and sorted using a construction management software, filing and sorting out piles of paperwork is a breeze. The system allows you to upload existing files and search for them quickly and access important data via cloud storage anytime, anywhere.

This also means that you now have more time to focus on other productive aspects of running your construction business and not be bogged down by the tedium of filing and organizing paperwork.

3. Better Collaboration

When everything is transparent and easily accessible, you can can ensure that all your team members are aligned in terms of their responsibilities and tasks. No need to keep printing out memos to make sure everyone knows what they have to do. Neither will you have to keep printing out necessary documents to keep everyone up to date on project status. Teams can simply log in and review essential details as well as discuss and communicate in real time, regardless if they’re using desktop, laptop or a mobile phone.

There are a lot more ways in which construction management software can save money for your business. But the most obvious one is eliminating printing costs. When everything is easily accessible, printing and photocopying is reduced, budgets allotted for physically sending paperwork to and from offices is eliminated, and time can be refocused on actual, relevant responsibilities instead of tedious filing tasks or locating misfiled/misplaced documents.

Have you tried using a construction management software? Tell us all about your experience with it below.

If you want to streamline your own construction business operations by using a construction management software, contact PASKR today and find out how we can help.

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