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There are numerous reasons why construction firms are turning to Construction Management Software (CMS)—they want to streamline different facets of the business, project management is becoming more complex, project teams are growing, information needs to be disseminated quicker, decisions have to be made faster…just to name a few.

But does your company really need one? Can you objectively say that your construction company is in dire need for an administrative and communications overhaul? Or is CMS an unnecessary expense that you don’t really need yet, at this point in your business? Take this quiz to find out.

Check everything that applies to your own construction firm—

Our RFIs take several weeks—or months, even—to process.
Design reviews take a long time to complete.
Conflicts in plans aren’t identified expediently.
Permits, plans, blueprints and other important documents take hours to find.
Project teams experience delays due to misplaced documents.
Delays happen due to incomplete or out of date documentation.
Project team response time to emails and messages is slow.
Coordination between critical members of the construction team is nearly impossible.
Issues raised in field inspections take a long time to reach the necessary point persons and are hardly ever resolved.
Heads have limited access and visibility to what the project team is currently working on.
You don’t find out about a missed deadline until a client or contractor calls you out on it.
You are unable to find critical project information when you need it.
You start missing major milestones on your project timeline and can’t identify the root cause of the delays.
You start incurring additional project costs and are unable to pinpoint the reasons.
You are unable to track equipment efficiently.
You experience constant issues with field inspections and are unable to trace the root cause of problems and weaknesses in design and construction.
You are miscalculating your cost estimates and have been getting a pretty high margin of error.
You have different project teams working in silos.
Decision making has proven to be difficult, especially when it involves multiple members from different teams.
Projects seem to have more conflicts than on-time deliverables.

Count how many items you had to check off on this list.

1 – 5 points – You currently face challenges in project management. Tapping into the tracking, monitoring and collaborative features of a CMS can help solve your specific management problems and increase your bottom line.

5 – 10 points – You may think your firm is doing as well as it can using traditional systems, but one too many of these costly operational mistakes are definitely starting to take its toll on your business. It’s time to tap into the benefits that CMS has to offer to ensure that these

10 and above – You definitely need better organization, better communication and better ways to manage your construction projects. And the best way to approach this is by using a reliable CMS platform that will help automate operational processes in your construction firm and improve communications between project teams, allowing you to complete tasks with transparency and ease.

The sooner you are able to address the concerns mentioned above, the faster you’ll be able to manage your business and ensure seamless operations. And as with any new technology, picking the right platform means you’ll be able to address critical operational concerns such as tracking, documentation, accounting, collaboration and communication using a single system.

If you have experience using CMS for common construction issues, tell us all about it below.

And if you’d like to find the right solution for your business today, contact PASKR and find out how we can help.

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