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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably considering using construction management software (CMS) to streamline operations in your company.

The thing is, new technology can be intimidating. You’re probably asking yourself whether or not your business is ready to implement a CMS. You don’t know if you actually need it. And you may be wondering if you know what to look for in a CMS so that you choose the right one that actually fits your needs.

To help you with the basics of getting started with a CMS, we have mapped out a simple guide to steer you in the right direction.

1. Start by assessing whether your company is ready to implement a CMS

Getting started with a CMS requires you to be honest about certain objectives for your company. This typically includes setting goals related to improving efficiency, reducing errors, raising profit margins, managing time better, ensuring fewer site accidents, lowering administrative tasks, and winning projects more aligned with your company’s vision for growth.

Begin by identifying which of these goals actually relate to your needs as a company. And from there, understand that it will take time, effort, and money to reach them.

2. Once you’ve decided on using a CMS, consider your requirements

Having decided to implement a CMS, it’s important that you understand what it can do for your company. Think of it as hiring a new team member and spelling out their job description to really understand what requirements the CMS will address.

For example, do you want a more efficient way to communicate with your team members out in the field? Do you need to improve customer service and communication? Do you need daily tracking and reports? Do you need it to monitor schedule logs? Do you need to manage budgets more efficiently? Do you need real-time access to critical data? Do you need to gain better control over all your projects?

Answer these questions honestly and write down your top priorities. This will help you understand what aspects of your business will benefit from CMS the most.

3. Consider trying it out first

Most CMS vendors are willing to offer a trial of their software in the interest of ensuring that their product is the right fit for your company. Get a small team of early adopters who are willing to play around with the software and really test it out. Be sure to ask questions as well. Vendors will be more than happy to assist you and help you learn the ins and outs of the software.

4. Engage your team

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with how the system works, talk to your team members and explain to them what the technology is, what it can do, and how it will help them work better and more efficiently. Try to get everyone on board. This will make the implementation a lot easier.

5. Manage your expectations

There are a lot of operational issues and communication needs that a CMS can address, but be realistic about your expectations. That’s precisely why, at the beginning of the implementation, you have to be specific about your objectives, and list down requirements you want your CMS to address.

Have you tried implementing CMS into your company? We’d love to hear your own approach to getting started with a new platform.

If you want to see how our platform can help your construction business operations, contact PASKR today and find out how we can help!