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Technology is transforming the way the construction industry operates. Old solutions may have presented numerous ways to improve operations, but companies are now turning their attention to newer tools that can help run their businesses more efficiently.

So how will you know it’s time to ditch your old solutions and make the upgrade?

Consider the following 5 indicators:

1. You’ve been using too many apps and tools

Take stock of the numerous tools that you’ve been using to manage your business. Do you use one app for accounting? Another to address your communication needs? What about for scheduling teams and monitoring construction equipment? If you notice that you’ve been using more than three on any given day, it’s time to consider upgrading your old system.

The latest construction management platforms are able to integrate critical functions and tools into a single platform. This helps reduce inefficiencies and improves employee time management.

2. You have limited access to the documents you need

If your data is stored using on-premise solutions, it’s likely you only have access to critical documents during office hours. However, construction is a business that requires expedient decision making and access to numerous specifications, which can be facilitated through 24/7 access to your data.

If you have a construction management software that’s based in the cloud, it ensures access to data anytime, anywhere.

3. Your current software is holding back your growth opportunity

Your construction management software and functionality should be based on what your company actually needs. Typical enterprise solutions available to construction companies are designed for larger, blue-chip companies. This means your business could be overpaying for tools that are not tailored to your business needs.

Today’s construction management platforms are designed to scale up or down, depending on your requirements.

4. Your current system makes it difficult to stay on top of projects

Construction is an industry that benefits greatly from transparency and regular, up-to-date monitoring. If your current tools make it difficult to do this efficiently, you may be wasting precious time and effort constantly switching from one app to another, or staying on top of everything when using multiple tools. Making the move to a centralized project management platform facilitates better coordination and tracking, enabling better efficiency for any construction firm.

5. Your current system is difficult to understand or implement

The easiest way to test if your current system is not being well-received is whether or not it can easily be understood by new hires. If new team members find your current system or software too confusing or complicated to learn, or even outdated, then it might be time for an upgrade. Newer platforms are intuitive, effectively structured, and simplify the learning curve.

Consider the above points and think about if it is to your advantage and time to make the big switch to a newer and better construction management software. Are you realizing the benefits?

Tell us the most obvious signs you’ve noticed that it’s time to upgrade in the comment section below.

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