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Across any industry, productivity remains one of the primary driving factors that define success and growth. If a business reaches optimum productivity in the workplace, they minimize expenses, errors, and improve performance and output.

In construction, which is arguably one of the world’s most complex industries, this is especially critical. The business requires multiple departments to run accurately, simultaneously. Teams working in different departments need to be especially motivated to do their jobs well. Otherwise, employee morale, the team’s output, and the company’s overall bottom line tend to suffer.

Unfortunately, today’s reality paints a dismal picture. According to The Economist, “In France and Italy productivity per hour has fallen by about a sixth. Germany and Japan have seen almost no growth. America is even worse: there, productivity in construction has plunged by half since the late 1960s.”

With that in mind, how can a company help increase team productivity in 2020? Check out our tips below:

1. Empower open communication between your employees

Productivity and morale go hand in hand with how well a company is able to communicate. To that end, it’s imperative that you give teams the platform to discuss challenges that they may be experiencing to avoid bottlenecks in your workflow. At the same time, keeping communication lines open means you can get key insight straight from your team. Maybe they have suggestions on how to improve current processes. In addition, open communication lines can support better rapport and build better working relationships across all the members of your team, which helps significantly with productivity.

2. Support business processes with data and insight

Planning is an important part of the construction process as it helps you recognize and address areas for improvement. The same applies to internal processes, especially as it relates to your team’s productivity.

Using data gathered by technology you have in place allows you to easily collect key data that identifies which areas in your operations need improvement and those areas that are running well. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate how well your team is performing, adjust processes to ensure better outcomes, and give recognition where it is due.

3. Use technology that empowers productivity in your team members

Having the drive to get the work done isn’t enough; you have to equip your team members with the tools to help them. Fortunately, technology is making it easier for construction companies to do this.

For example, the use of construction management software (CMS) gives employees the opportunity to automate key tasks to make their work easier. It helps improve productivity by giving teams an efficient way to document their work and communicate with different departments. It also offers better transparency that ensures everyone is in the loop and is on top of what’s going on.

Focusing on empowering communication, technology, and making sound business decisions anchored on accurate data are three of the fastest ways to ensure better productivity in your construction company. Give it a try and see how well it works out for your business. If you’re looking for the right tools to implement in 2020, start by contacting us so we can discuss what our solution can do for you!