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Any business knows that the key to ensuring their longevity is by leveraging the benefits of technology. 

However, in construction, introducing new technology can be challenging. In fact, a KPMG report says that construction is slow to adopt new technology. Not because employees don’t recognize what it can do for the business, but due to employees being reluctant to divert from the traditional way of doing things—as tedious and time-consuming as it can be.   

 So, what can you do to make technology more appealing to construction teams and help them make this important transition? Take a look at our 4 tips below:


1. Involve the whole company when you make the decision

Construction employees have to understand that switching from traditional methods to automated systems will ultimately help get their job done faster and easier.

For example, if you’re trying to choose a construction management software (CMS), make sure to involve your team members when identifying objectives. What can be done faster? What do they need help with? What features from the CMS will help them do this?

Involving all of your employees will help show the benefits of using a CMS for the entire organization, not just the business’ bottom line.


2. Don’t just spring this on your employees without warning

Understand that employees are apprehensive about new technology because of the fact that it’s a big change. It may seem simple and straightforward to people who are familiar with how the cloud works or are very used to using apps. On the other hand, if you’re used to tracking everything on basic spreadsheets and manually filing documents, this can be daunting and overwhelming.

For instance, once you’ve decided to implement a CMS, be sure to give your team enough time to get used to the idea. Inform them about the transition while accommodating their questions and concerns.


3. Work closely with early adopters

In an organization, there will be a handful of employees who will show eagerness and enthusiasm about exploring new ways to get the job done. This means that new technology will be something that they would be very willing to learn, to be more productive.

Use this to your advantage. Give them early access and training to the technology so they can show fellow employees first hand its real advantages.


4. Break it down for your team

A big picture overview of how technology such as CMS can benefit the organization is great. However, for employees to truly understand how it will benefit them, you need to break it down in a way that makes transparent how it impacts their day-to-day activities.

For example, CMS will help give administrative teams and project managers more control over documents, which means they save time tracking papers and everything can be conveniently accessed. This will help increase productivity. For employees based onsite, CMS can help make tracking and monitoring equipment and hours easier. Suppliers can take advantage of this same benefit when tracking approvals and budgets.


Bringing new technology into your business doesn’t have to be complicated and a burden. Give these 4 tips a try and see the difference it makes. If you’d like to see how CMS can streamline your current operations, contact us today!