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A daily log is a necessary part of every construction project no matter the size. It is a record of the work at a construction site that provides transparency to all stakeholders of the current status and whether the project is still on track. Construction daily logs commonly contain information regarding weather, equipment on site, contractors on the site, etc.

A common complaint is daily logs are time consuming and inconsistent. PASKR wants you to be able to continuously submit well documented and easy-to-read daily logs for each of your projects. With our Microsoft Word or Google Docs template that mirrors our PASKR software, your daily logs should be a simple process that saves you time and effort to make your day better.

Get Your Daily Log Template from PASKR

The parts of your daily log:

1. Weather Conditions

It is important to correctly and consistently document the weather conditions at your construction site because aspects of your build may be heavily dependent on the weather. As weather is not something that can be controlled, it is important to have a record of the temperatures, the rainfall, or anything else that could delay your project.

While the template PASKR has provided has a place to manually enter the weather conditions, an added feature with use of the PASKR software is automatic weather updates imported directly to your daily log from Yahoo Weather.

2. Employees Present

Each of your company’s employees on site should be recorded with what task they were working on as well as the hours they spent accomplishing it. This is beneficial for payroll purposes as well as to observe the progress of the project.

3. Equipment Present

With the amount of equipment that is needed at many construction sites, it is incredibly important to know each piece on the site as well as when that piece of equipment needs to be returned to its vendor. This prevents additional charges as equipment reminders of return dates are easily accessible in one location.

With PASKR Software, this return date is highlighted automatically if you are at or passed the return date as an additional reminder.

4. Contractors Present

Your employees may not be the only workers on your construction site. When subcontractors are working on an aspect of your project, you will want to ensure that you know how many of their employees are present as well as what tasks they are accomplishing that day.

Another benefit of using PASKR software for your daily logs over the template provided here, is that once you have a locked subcontractor agreement associated with your project, it is easy to choose that subcontractor from a dropdown menu in this section of your daily log.

5. Others Present

Sometimes you may have visitors to your site who do not fall under the categories of your employees or contractors. This area can be used to log each of these visitors.

6. Tasks Working On/Comments

This section is where the details on everything occurring on the site will reside. You want to be as descriptive as possible. With a paper or digital document daily log, you are not able to add progress photos of the site or any other attachments; however, using PASKR’s software it is as easy as dragging and dropping documents such as safety reports or testing reports to include them with your daily log. In addition, with the use of our mobile app it is easy to take progress photos directly in the app for your daily log.


When you are done, it is important to sign and date your daily log as well as file it with your Project Manager for approval. If you have printed out this template to fill out by hand or filled it out digitally, it is important to know your process for daily log submittals. Do you scan the completed document to save in a shared cloud file? Do you file hard copies in a filing cabinet? Make sure that your process for submitting daily logs is clear and strictly followed by every member of your team.

A feature of PASKR software is at the end of the daily log you can directly submit your daily log to your Project Manager for review and approval. Approved daily logs are saved for each project within the software for easy access by all those who need it.

Get Your Daily Log Template from PASKR

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