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A Request for Information (RFI), while not always needed for every project, should have a standardized submittal and response process to get your project moving forward quickly. Below PASKR has provided a template for both a RFI Form as well as a RFI tracker to make this process more streamlined.

Get Your RFI Form and Tracker Template from PASKR

1. Who?

A Request for Information (RFI) is normally submitted by a general contractor of subcontractor to a anyone who has submitted construction documents such as specifications, plans, contracts, etc. for a project. Once the RFI is submitted the client, designer, architect, etc. answers the query and returns the RFI.

2. What?

A RFI is a standardized form submitted when construction documents’ specifications are not clear or have missing information.

3. When?

An RFI is necessary when there is insufficient information or information provided is unclear or triggers questions about the project. For example, if you need additional information about what substitutions may be acceptable, you may need to submit a RFI.

4. Where?

The RFI Form template provided here is an online version. You may be able to submit RFIs electronically, but you may also have to submit RFIs as a hard copy. This process should be determined at the beginning of a project and strictly followed for consistency.

5. Why?

Communication during every construction project is extremely important to its overall performance; however, people sometimes communicate differently leading to miscommunication, missing information, or failed understanding. The RFI is a tool to help bridge this inevitable occurrence.

6. How?

First, make sure you have read your contract to determine the proper procedure to submit an RFI. Remember that a RFI will cost money on both sides as it takes time to research and submit answers, so only submit a RFI if absolutely necessary. In addition, submit any RFIs as soon as possible to prevent hold-ups and frustrations. Another necessary part of the RFI process is tracking all RFIs submitted for a project. Part of our template includes a RFI tracker to monitor open and closed RFIs. Once a response is provided, the updated information must be distributed to the necessary parties.


While the templates provided below will streamline your RFI process, PASKR’s RFI submittal and response process saves you even more time as well as includes additional benefits such as reminder automation.

A few of the additional benefits of RFIs through PASKR:

  • Requested by will autofill based on the account you are logged into
  • Who needs to respond lists all people in the project already
  • Sections of plans and specifications can be pulled directly from the Planroom into the RFI
  • Copy other members of the project that need the RFI but are not the requester or responder
  • Choose to send a reminder email to the person responsible for responding 24 hours prior to the response deadline

PASKR is here to make your business better, so whether you use our free template or sign-up for PASKR software, we know your process will improve!

Get Your RFI Form and Tracker Template from PASKR

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