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When a project design is created, the architect and/or engineer creates a specification manual—spec book—with all of the specific products needed to complete the design. In order to ensure that those specifications are followed, submittals are used to double check the process.

At the beginning of a construction project, general contractors need to create a way to track all of the submittals they receive as well as what has been approved to be ordered and installed.

A submittal is product information, written or physical, provided by a subcontractor to the general contractor as proof that all project specifications are followed. Examples of submittals may be samples of tile or safety material for specific light fixtures. In most cases, the general contractor then sends this product information to the architect or engineer for approval that the product does match their design vision.

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Submittals Affect Your Project Schedule

Submittals can take weeks or months to compile, and it is important to begin tracking the hundreds of products that need to be approved as soon as possible to keep your project on track. Many of the products will need to be onsite by certain dates, so you will have to back into the date that they must be approved as no work should be done without an approved submittal. The approval date will need to allow for the product to be fabricated and delivered to the site by the onsite date. Figuring out the deadline for the approval will also help to prioritize submittals as to not overwhelm the architect and/or engineer during the review process.

The template we have provided allows you to manually track all of this information and more; however, within the PASKR application, the approval dates are automatically factored based on the onsite deadline and the fabrication and delivery length.

PASKR is here to make your business better, so whether you use our free template or sign-up for PASKR software, we know your process will improve!

Get Your Submittal Log Template from PASKR

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