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When you manage a project in the construction industry, tracking bid invitations is an essential part. Projects may have hundreds of bid invitations sent to subcontractors, so keeping track of the status of each invite can be tedious and time consuming. Using the PASKR software to both send bid invitations and track them may be the easiest way to save you time and effort; however, we have also provided a free Bid Invitation Tracker Google Sheet template below.

Get Your Bid Invitation Tracker Template from PASKR

Within PASKR’s template, you will be able to manually track each of the bid invitations you send including bid intention, notification dates, submitted dates, and your notes on the submitted bid. As you will not be able to save submitted bids within the Google Sheet, there is also a field to notate where the bid files are located (or to add a link directly to the electronic files).

If you are still looking to streamline your bid invitation tracking even more once you have tried our free template, here are three ways PASKR’s software makes tracking your bid invitations easier:

  1. If you send bid invites through PASKR, it automatically tracks whether the bid invite has been delivered via email and whether it has been read by your invitee in PASKR’s planroom.
  2. Subcontractors submit their bids within the software, so all bid documentation is accessible in one location. Submittal status and submittal date are automatically updated on your bid invitation tracker.
  3. Within PASKR’s bid invitation tracker, you can filter bids by cost code, whether the bid has been submitted, and other fields.

PASKR is here to make your business better, so whether you use our free template or sign-up for PASKR software, we know your process will improve!

Get Your Bid Invitation Tracker Template from PASKR