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Anyone who works in construction knows the challenges of ensuring project efficiency. At any given time, various teams are handling multiple projects. Documents for review and approval are constantly being sent back and forth. Colleagues, stakeholders, and team members are trying to keep themselves in the loop and up to date. Budgets are being monitored. Equipment, schedules, and progress are being tracked.

When does your more traditional project management style no longer ensure your projects’ efficiency?

Three Signs Your Company is Ready for a Construction Project Management Software:

  1. Your team is using multiple platforms to communicate.

    Does your team use text messages, an instant messaging system like Slack or Teams, email, calls, etc. to communicate important project information? While having multiple avenues of communication may seem beneficial, it may be detrimental to your construction project. When there are too many options for relaying important information, it is difficult to establish a clear process. This could lead to missed messages that could significantly impact your project’s progress.

    If your team is communicating in multiple channels, it may be time to consider streamlining this process to consolidate all important communication through a construction management software.

  2.  Team members or departments are missing milestones.

    One of the most costly challenges of a construction project is ensuring that everyone is working from the most up-to-date documents and information. With different teams, possibly even in different locations, working on the same project, it is vital that updates about a project are timely and consistent. If your on-site team is relying on unfinished documents, outdated plans, or acting on inaccurate information, your project milestones are more likely to be missed.

    A construction project management software can easily and instantly update all team members when necessary paperwork, documentation, or updated information is added to a project. Anyone with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone can access all relevant info to the project the minute it has been updated. This minimizes the possibility of errors and rework keeping everyone on track.

  3. Project progress is hard to verify.

    Are you tracking your progress through manually updated spreadsheets? Transparency is essential for all industries; however, in construction it is critical. With the volume of equipment, materials, and documentation that your team deals with on a daily basis, it is hard to monitor everything if there is no systemized way to gage progress quickly.

    With construction project management software, schedules, equipment, material tracking, and reporting are easily updated in real-time. This allows project managers and executives more insight into project progress from multiple levels.

Although some may argue that traditional methods of project management would still work even with these signs, cue the construction industry’s notorious resistance to change, most of the systems and processes currently in use are tedious and time-consuming. The construction industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Changing building techniques and evolving trends are demanding more from the tools and systems construction companies use today. Are you ready?

If you are ready for construction project management software, let PASKR walk you through how we can help!


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