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A construction management software is the best way to streamline operations for your business, but have you taken the time to ensure that your construction management software offers the features that you need? Software can be an amazing tool for many different tasks; however, it needs to fit all your needs.

  1. Does your construction management software have unlimited online file storage?

    A good construction management software will provide construction firms a better way to manage the cost and trouble associated with paper records. As an industry that has been consistently reliant on printing, your construction management software should offer an easier way to manage documents, organize paperwork, and foster collaboration. This will ultimately reduce the need for printing, photocopying, and manual filing which saves your company cost for equipment, supplies, and man-hours.

  2. Does your construction management software allow you to streamline contacts in a single place that is accessible to all users?

    Allowing all users to have access to a single source of contacts reduces the time it takes to find relevant information on a client or stakeholder as well as helps to minimize bottlenecks when your team collaborates on projects.

  3. Are your project plans including addenda, drawings, and photos all stored in a central project layout?

    All project plans, along with the key information for that project should be stored in a central, accessible location that helps to ensure everyone working on that project is on the same page.

  4. Are you able to create a proposal within your construction management software?

    Construction companies typically go through hundreds, if not thousands of bid invitations and proposals. A software can ensure that estimating and bidding is digitized which allows for automated proposal generation which eliminates risk of forgetting to include information.

  5. Can you automate bids directly into contracts?

    A reliable construction management software is equipped with features designed to streamline the bidding process from procurement to bid. With digital signatures, it is easy to send your contract from the software.

  6. Do you have to create a separate log sheet to update your project schedule even though tracking is automated?

    Your construction management software should be fully capable of automatically logging and updating project schedules daily including time cards.

  7. Can you integrate the different apps and tools used to manage aspects like accounting into your construction software to create a single, centralized platform?

    A good construction management software will have multiple functions that should minimize, if not eliminate, the need for multiple tools including chat or messaging tools, spreadsheets, etc. However, if an additional application such as an accounting software is necessary, your construction software should seamlessly integrate.

  8. Are change orders issued automatically?

    Keeping track of change orders can be confusing, especially if your team is spread over multiple projects. A construction software will automate change orders to ensure efficiency.

  9. Does the construction software track lien releases, subcontracts, owner contracts, bonding, and insurance?

    These are all critical aspects of running a construction business and the tracking and monitoring of the documentation for each needs to be efficient and steady. Having all documentation available in a project promotes transparency and means nothing catches you off guard.

  10. Does your construction management software promote communication and collaboration between team members?

    A construction management software should facilitate clear communication between team members as well as provide a log of communications about each project for better tracking and understanding of project progression.

Not all construction management softwares are produced with all your needs in mind, so when it comes to choosing a reliable option, it is important to find one that fits your business and your needs. PASKR, founded by a general contractor with years of experience managing his own construction company, has analyzed his knowledge of the industry to ensure that we provide as many of the needs of running a construction business as possible.

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