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With multiple construction project management solutions available on the market, it may be hard for you to determine which solution is the best for your company. We are here to make your decision a little easier with four reasons PASKR is your software solution. While these reasons are by far not the only reasons you should choose PASKR, we believe they are the most important to determining whether a software will work for your team.

Infographic with the four reasons why PASKR is your construction software solution
  1. Processes your team needs.

    As a former general contractor who ran his own business for years, Pat Whelan, PASKR’s CEO and Founder, knows the construction processes that are important to properly run a construction business from the ground up. Each of PASKR’s features automate, simplify, or scrutinize a different process essential to general contractors, subcontractors, superintendents, accountants, or anyone working on a construction project.

    Your business will be able to run smoothly and efficiently when all members of your team are following the same process and have access to all essential information from their office or on site. After you sign on with PASKR, each team member will have access to training for all aspects of the software which will make implementing a company-wide change in software easier.

  2. Consulting to ensure your success.

    While many software companies are only concerned with whether you will buy their software, we want to ensure that your business is going to be successful for years to come. Your successful business not only means that you will continue to use our product, but it directly relates to our core values. We want to nurture people and ideas as well as serve community needs before individual wants. If you need help understanding why certain processes should be in place for your general contracting firm or you need advice, we are glad to schedule time to meet in person, discuss over the phone or video conference, or have a quick chat via email or messaging service.

  3. You have a new team member in PASKR.

    Your team is going to need help implementing a new software solution, and they may have questions even after the initial training. You don’t have to worry about a long process to get answers or contact us. PASKR is now a member of your team which means that you have access to our support team when and how you need them. You have access to support chat that links you directly to technical and training support both within our application as well as on our website, and every company is assigned an account manager that you can call or email directly. Our team is now your team. This is directly reflected in the selected portion of the review provided by Marcus from Strategic Builders on the Software Advice platform:

Software Advice Strategic Builders Review
  1. Pay for what you need.

    Whether you are a small general contracting firm with few employees or a larger operation, you can rest easy knowing that PASKR has straightforward pricing terms that allow you to pay for what you need while knowing that your monthly subscription includes all PASKR modules. With unlimited users, projects, and storage, PASKR doesn’t nickel and dime you with multiple additional costs to use our system. Your monthly fee covers everything except if you choose to use one of our accounting integrations.

Choosing the correct construction project management software option is important to your business, but it doesn’t have to be a completely arduous task. Many project management software options have similar features and functions, but you need the option that has the features and functions you absolutely need as well as the processes, advice, support, and pricing your company needs. To move your company forward, you need to simplify your team’s efforts to enhance productivity and accuracy. PASKR is your solution to moving your business forward.


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