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Is investing in a construction project management software critical to improving operations or is it an unnecessary business expenditure? Businesses who rely on PASKR as their construction project management software solution are quick to point out its numerous advantages. It helps organize and streamline project management tasks, aids in decision making, tracking, forecasting, and facilitates better coordination and team communication.

Expect these five benefits for your company when you implement PASKR:

  1. Internal Management

    With PASKR, your managers can adopt a systematic approach to projects through streamlining construction operations. Your business has highly specialized and skilled project managers, but they may be wasting their valuable time on parts of the project that could be simplified. Ensure they are efficiently using their time on the aspects of the project that could not happen without their specialized skill set. Let PASKR simplify the creation of RFIs, submittals, business correspondence, and change requests. 

    In addition to simplifying processes for your project managers, PASKR allows all stakeholders, including consultants, subcontractors, and clients, easy access to view and share critical information. This guarantees transparency in your projects and minimizes the risk of miscommunication.

  2. Document Management and Tracking

    Your business relies on enormous amounts of documentation to keep track of plans, permits, inspections, insurance, pay, etc. More than likely, this means you are struggling through piles of printed documents that need to be filed in a physical storage space and could be easily misplaced. PASKR ensures that all of your documentation is safely stored in a single document management system in the cloud for easy access. With documentation accessible to anyone in your company who needs it, there is better understanding between all your stakeholders, and it is easier to track progress between clients and contractors.

  3. Risk Assessment

    It is important to get a big picture view of possible scenarios and situations, so you can assess the risk of any development. When all the necessary documentation—blueprints, plans, permits, etc.—are stored in one place, it makes your job to pinpoint and identify project risks easier. This allows you to address them earlier and more effectively.

  4. Accounting

    Efficient cost management ensures your construction business turns a profit. PASKR helps to streamline all important cost management documents such as contracts, change orders, and budget status. To make it even easier for your accounting team, you can connect all your accounting documentation to an accounting software option with PASKR’s integrations. With easy, organized access to everything accounting, you will minimize the risk of cost overrun or other expensive project pitfalls before they happen.

  5. Growth and Development

    Each of your projects requires the teamwork and collaboration for multiple, highly-skilled individuals and teams of tradesmen, project managers, accountants, etc. PASKR gives you a platform to modernize and simplify communication between teams providing a space for them to work harmoniously together to complete the project. PASKR also enhances the project efficiency since you plan, control, and coordinate every aspect of the project in one platform from start to finish. This, ultimately, helps minimize project delays by supporting effective business communication between office-based teams and workers deployed in the field during every minute of the project.

As a general contractor, you are determined to ensure the safety of your team, prevent costly mistakes, understand the bottom line of each project, and communicate essential information. PASKR is designed to help you do just that with every feature we offer. Streamline your current operations with PASKR today. 


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