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If you manage a construction company, you know how powerful it is to have clearly-defined and repeatable processes. Easy-to-follow processes enable your team to effortlessly move your business forward. One of the most important processes is your proposal submission process which directly affects the construction projects your company wins. Your proposal needs to establish trust between your company and the client by providing detailed information in a timely, accurate, and clear way.

A New Look

Our clients need a proposal package process within their project management software that is consistent, detailed, easy-to-manage, and customizable, so we have launched a new proposal package within PASKR. The previous version of our proposal package allowed for limited editing and customization while leaving the consistency up to individual users to implement. The new proposal package has a default template that populates across all your projects while allowing for edits within individual projects. This establishes a consistent process that can be tweaked depending on the circumstances of the proposal.

previous and new proposal package gif

The new proposal package is more intuitive with easy editing through our new drag-and-drop template creator and document editor. Your account’s administrator sets up the default template for all your company’s projects with the cover letter, personal letter, PASKR reports and estimates, and any additional documents. Within the new layout, document thumbnails make it easy to see and adjust exactly what is included in the proposal package template. With a clear “Insert” button, the administrator can easily add any additional documents not already visible.

Proposal Package Drag & Drop View

Edit and style the documents within the proposal package with ease using PASKR’s new document builder. With drag-and-drag formatted elements, it is easy to edit your documents to be visually pleasing, branded, and informative.

document builder in PASKR software

With PASKR’s new proposal package, your bidding and estimating process will be simpler and more consistent across all your company’s projects. Once your proposal package template is set-up, your proposals will be able to automatically pull information from other aspects of PASKR such as the cost for raw materials from suppliers, proposals from subcontractors, estimates for labor costs, taxes, and other overhead. With PASKR, you are able to submit the complete proposals directly to an owner (or split your proposal between two owners) within the application. If done properly, your project managers should be able to simply review the proposal package documents in each project before sending it on to the owner—saving your team time and negating possible errors. PASKR is designed to help you submit more proposals and win more business.

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