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What would you do if you could get 20 hours back per week?

Take on more projects? Spend more time on the projects you have? Improve your processes to avoid costly mistakes?

Regardless of your specific goals, time saved is money saved. This makes time management systems and tools high-ROI investments for your construction firm.

Having a solid project management tool can help you offload some of the more tedious tasks that suck up your time:

  • Project estimation and bidding among your subs
  • Managing approvals, whether through RFIs, timecards, and other documentation
  • Keeping track of all of your various projects
  • Financial management & tracking

This post will walk through some of the specific automation and organization capabilities that come with using a construction project management tool, and why the investment is likely to generate a return.

  1. Multi-Project Management

    Taking on more projects means taking on more revenue, true. However, it also means that there are many more individual tasks, jobs, and approvals that you have to manage. This places more demands on your time and attention.

    Since not taking on more projects isn’t an option (you have to grow your business), it’s incumbent on you to find a more efficient way to manage those projects.

    Using a legal pad and pencil may be tried-and-true. But paper-based, manual project management has major inefficiencies that just lead to more problems. Notably, a missed deadline or incorrect detail can be costly.

    This is where a construction project management tool comes in. It can help with project planning, task management, project scheduling, document management, and other areas of your construction business.

    Web-based construction management tools especially help with improving communication among team members, subs, and customers.

    There are a number of powerful project management software solutions out there. Some of them are more generalized in nature. Some, like PASKR, are specifically built for construction companies and general contractors.

    By leveraging a centralized system, you can ensure that every detail is recorded and assigned to the right person. This not only saves you time, but it also improves your own accuracy and effectiveness.

  2. Estimating & Bidding

    Control your budget before it’s too late.

    Job costs can inflate themselves if you don’t pay close attention to them. And going over budget always carries the risk of a dissatisfied customer.

    That’s why you spend a lot of your precious time managing estimates from your subcontractors and bidding to get the best prices for specific services:

    • Comparing costs among your subs
    • Updating estimates as project plans are filled in and costs become more concrete (no pun intended)
    • Wading through stacks of papers (either physical or virtual) to process all the information and make the best decision possible

    However, this is an area where, with a solid project management platform, you can save significant amounts of time:

    • Automated bidding tools that request bids from a list of contractors at the push of a button, and send reminders for those that don’t respond
    • Drag-and-drop proposal templates that don’t require you to re-type every time there’s a new project
    • Integrations between bids and proposals

    These types of tools can help you offload some of these more rote tasks, it’s almost like hiring an additional team member.

  3. Approvals

    How much of your day is spent approving this and signing that?

    Between RFIs, timecards for both employees and subs, signatures on contracts, there are endless items that require your attention.

    Yes, it’s important to ensure that key decisions get your approval. After all, it’s your company, brand, and reputation that’s at stake.

    But approvals shouldn’t be time consuming. If you handle them the right way, you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on these things.

    Leveraging a centralized project management tool gives you quicker, easier, and more automated approval power:

    • View all items that need your approval in one central dashboard
    • Assign tasks and approval items to others within your company
    • Keep on top of deadlines to avoid costly delays

    Ultimately, construction project management software can help keep your projects moving forward as efficiently as possible.

  4. Financial Management & Tracking

    When it comes to budgeting and financial management, the devil’s in the details.

    Meticulously reviewing expenses, bids, timecards — these are all necessary, but they can seem like such a hassle.

    Not only that, but manual systems like paper or generic accounting software doesn’t quite help when you’ve got hundreds of expense reports piled up. If you’re struggling with backlog, this is yet another area where technology can do the work for you.

    By directly integrating your project management software with accounting tools, like Quickbooks, you can seamlessly send information from your proposals and bids to your accounting tools, expediting the process and getting your people paid faster. Some tools, like PASKR, allow workers to enter this information on a mobile app while still at the job site.

    This reduces the need for individual forms, keeping that backlog from building up and taking time off your hands to do bigger, better things.

Your time is precious. Rather than spend that time on tedious back-office tasks, you would be better served investing in new projects, growing your business, and engaging with your customers.

Fortunately, construction project management systems can automate many of these tasks so you can accomplish them in a few clicks or more.

PASKR is specifically designed for the general contractor and the construction industry, with a number of construction-specific features to reduce time, increase efficiencies, and, ultimately, drive up your ROI.


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