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How much of your time is spent approving and signing off on tasks, contracts, updates, etc.?

Whether it’s an RFI for a client, employee timecard, or a contract, all that time you spend on construction project approvals is time you aren’t spending on growing your business.

However, you probably don’t want to hand off those approvals entirely.

At the end of the day, you’re the quality control, and handing off approvals means you have less insight into how much you spend on a project or what you’re promising to a client.

But you can have the best of both worlds! With the right technology, you can claim back your day and focus on moving your construction company forward. Here are three examples.

Requests for Information (RFIs)

RFIs are commonplace on just about every construction project.

But if those RFIs require client input, and you’re the sole point of contact for the client, then there could easily be a bottleneck effect. This is especially true when they impact the budget or project plans, requiring more hands-on management on your end.

This bottleneck effect can have serious consequences:

  • Project delays
  • Errors and mistakes
  • Added costs

When you use project management technology to manage RFIs, you can see them all on one screen, and ensure that everyone who needs access to the request gets access to it as soon as it’s submitted.

screenshot of RFIs in PASKR Software


Between subcontractors and employees, there are a lot of people involved in just a single construction project. Across all your projects, you’re dealing with a lot of personnel.

As a result, timecard approval gets complicated and time-consuming:

  • Consolidating timecards across all projects for quick review
  • Validating that the hours reported are the hours worked
  • Gathering information from employees or subs who haven’t logged their hours
  • Applying the right expense to the right project/client

The more you can automate these processes, the better.

For example, an automated alert to subs when they leave the construction site can remind them to log their hours, clock in, or clock out. This means there are fewer gaps in the timesheets, allowing for faster approval and payment.

Additionally, if your timekeeping software is integrated directly with your project management software, assigning a particular expense to a particular project can happen with the click of a single button.

screenshot of timecards in PASKR software


As much as you try to standardize your contracts, every agreement inevitably requires some kind of change. These changes, of course, require your approval.

Reviewing paper contracts can be a tedious mess, and one that takes you away from other operational tasks.

Keeping all your contracts in one place can be a challenge. Keeping track of which ones belong to clients, and which ones belong to subs can be another. Then there’s the administrative aspect: countersigning and returning the agreement takes time.

When you store your contracts in a centralized project management system, consolidating these contracts, signing, approving, and notifying the client or sub can happen in a single click.

screenshot of subcontracts in PASKR software


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