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Bidding, estimates, and proposals can be one of the biggest drains on your time.

An owner requests a proposal for a project, and you’ve got to get back and forth with your subs to input their estimates, and make sure you’re getting the best deal. Then, you have to pull it all together into a proposal and get approval on that proposal.

Not only does this pull you away from other things you could be working on, it also slows down your response time. That means that a competitor could come along and steal that owner’s business.

By automating your estimations, bids, and proposals, you can speed up the process. This will help you increase your proposal output, build a more efficient back office, and invest time in other areas that are important to you.

Here are some ways that a construction bidding tool can help you reclaim a significant amount of your time.

Eliminate back-and-forth with automated bidding.

If you’re spending hours upon hours dealing with bids from subcontractors, then you’re doing it all wrong.

Construction bidding tools make this process simple and straightforward. In these kinds of platforms, all you have to do is set up the services you want to accept bids for, and indicate which subs you’d like to accept bids from. It all happens within a few clicks.

And just like that, the information is sent out, and you can choose from the responses whenever you’re ready.

If that sounds too easy, it’s because you’ve been opting to do it the hard way (until now, right?).

Reduce manual price input with cost codes.

While every project is unique, there are similarities across all of them: lumber, hardware, labor, etc

Wherever there’s repetition, there’s an opportunity for automation.

For example, if you have twelve projects and all of them require standard doors, taking the time to manually input pricing for each one across all of your products is tedious, and isn’t the best of your time (or your team’s time, for that matter).

For those items that have standard pricing, cost codes can save you significant time and simplify things for both the owners you work with and your bookkeeper.

Scale your proposal-building with templates.

The more time it takes to create a single proposal, the fewer proposals you can put out each week and month. This means you’re limiting the number of projects that your construction firm is taking on, and thus your revenue potential.

Having a solid proposal template can speed up this process. You can always start with a simple word doc for each project type, and just change out the details for each individual project.

But if you want to save more time, finding project management software with a proposal builder tool can be a lifesaver. That way, you aren’t managing lots of floating documents, but have one spot where you can build out your proposals, and send them to your clients with a single click.

Even better, is if you have a tool that can integrate your bids with proposals. Once you accept a bid from one of your subs, you can drag that estimate directly into the proposal in just a single click.

With smart project management tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to cut down on a number of administrative tasks that are taking you away from growing your business. When you consider the dollar value of the time that you’re claiming back, investing in these kinds of tools is a no-brainer.


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