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There are some laws of nature that never change.

What goes up must come down. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And the more projects you take on, the more time it’ll require of you.

While you probably could manage one project manually, keeping track of multiple extensive projects in your head is nearly impossible, at least not without making some significant mistakes.

But instead of hiring someone to be a project manager, you can leverage technology to organize your time and automate certain tasks. And best of all, these tools cost less than a full-time hire.

Here are some of the key tasks that you should be able to automate with a solid construction project management tool to save time with your multi-project management.

1. Task Lists

When you’re hopping back and forth between project and project, it can be difficult to keep track of which tasks are the most important and what your key deadlines are.

At least, it’s hard to do without your head spinning.

Instead of trying to do all of this on paper, you should leverage the power of technology to manage all of your tasks across projects.

Nearly all project management tools should allow you to input tasks into a specific project, and then view them in aggregate. You can see a full view of what needs to be done, separate them by task type, and get immediate alerts if a task is overdue.

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That way, you see everything that needs to be done, and when it needs to be done, in one central location.

2. Project Progress

You want progress updates. Your owners want progress updates.

But you can’t be at multiple job sites at once. That means you need a better method for receiving updates than stepping outside and asking the subcontractor.

This is why you need a central dashboard where you get a central view of each project’s progress:

  • Task completion
  • Scheduling
  • Budget & spending

3. Financial Management

The more projects you add, the more complicated your finances get. And the last thing you want is to miss a payment or incorrectly categorize any income or expense because of a bottleneck.

That’s why it’s critical for you to have a project management tool that integrates directly with accounting software like Quickbooks. That way, all of your subs and employees who have access to the tool can input expenses directly, and it’s automatically tracked and sent to you for approval.

The less time you have to spend managing money, the more time you can spend managing projects, and even bringing in new business.

4. Communication with owners.

Both you and the owners you work with are busy people. There’s no extra time to spend bouncing emails back and forth and getting on calls you don’t need to be on. This just becomes more difficult

So when it comes to approvals, estimates, and other communications, it’s important to have a project management tool to keep things moving. (Here are 3 examples we’ve written about before.)


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