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The updated schedules module is even easier to use. Your team will find it a breeze to keep track of tasks and timelines for each of your projects. With new features such as schedule templates, Gantt Chart view, baselines, and proposed changes, your project manager will save time while also ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks or isn’t delivered on time. Check out all the new features below!

Schedule Module Laptop GIF

Schedule Templates

In Administration, users will be able to create schedule templates for the CSI 16 and 48 Division set of cost codes. Users will be able to use estimate templates as a baseline schedule template of create their own with custom tasks.

Schedules View

In schedules in each project, you will find a Gantt Chart view where you will build your schedule using the project’s cost codes or create custom tasks, groups, and milestones. In addition, you will be able to manipulate directly on the Gantt chart by connecting tasks, updating task durations, and pulling up the task details. See how easy it is to connect tasks below:

task connections in schedules

Schedule Baselines

You will be able to save baselines at various times throughout the project, so you can compare any baseline schedule to the current schedule to see the differences. This will allow you to visually compare the changes or delays that have occurred over the course of your project. See below for an example of the comparison:

Screenshot of Baselines in Schedules

Proposed Changes

You will now be able to integrate daily logs with you schedule. This will allow for superintendents to propose changes via their daily log updates. The project manager will be able to accept or reject the new timeline from their application. See below how proposed changes to the schedule will appear:

screenshot of proposed schedule changes

Are you looking for a construction project management software that includes schedules and project timeline management within the application?

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