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The key to ensuring the longevity of your business is leveraging the benefits of technology; however, in the construction industry, introducing a new technology can be challenging. The challenge is not that your employees don’t recognize it’s benefits but that they are reluctant to move away from traditional methods of work—as tedious and time-consuming as they may be.

How can you make technology more appealing to construction teams and help them make this transition smoothly?

Get Everyone Involved

Your entire team needs to understand that switching from traditional methods to automated systems will ultimately help get their job done faster and easier. Involve your team in the initial outreach for a program. Ask them questions to find out the needs that are most relevant to them.

Try these: 

“What steps in your process are repetitive?”

“What parts of your project could be done by someone without your skills?” 

By involving your team before you even start your search, you show that this implementation is not just about the company’s bottom line but about  your employees’ well being. It also has the added benefit of highlighting parts of your team’s jobs that could be automated with technology that might not have been as apparent.

Give Your Team a Heads Up

Implementing new technology is a big change, and everyone handles change a little differently. Some people need time to process and prepare for a change. Don’t just implement a software and expect everyone to be on board immediately. Once a decision on a software has been made, clearly communicate to your whole team the date you will be switching to this new system. If the transition is going to have to be gradual, be clear on when you expect everyone to have the software fully implemented.

Utilize Early Adopters

There will always be those members of your team who are enthusiastic and eager to implement a new technology. Utilize their enthusiasm to get the rest of your team more excited. They are going to be the ones who test and push the technology to do more. Utilize this to help those who are less willing to see the benefits and features they may never have discovered on their own.

Be Transparent

Share with your team the big picture. How is this new technology going to benefit the company as a whole? It is human nature to focus on how change is going to affect yourself, but if you share how it is going to impact the day-to-day activities of the company and how that is going to save the company time, money, etc., they will be able to understand the larger implications. For example, a technology with an accounting integration may not seem like it affects a subcontractor, but when you share the bigger picture that it may mean getting paid faster for everyone since it is saving the accounting team time, it shows that aspects of the technology that you may not believe affect you really do.

Bringing technology to your business and getting your team on board should not be a burden to you or any of your team members. Follow these tips and see the difference it will make in your team’s attitude and willingness to change.


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