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There are a lot of ways a construction project can go wrong. One of the top reasons that a construction project is derailed is by mismanagement. In our opinion, mismanagement of a project can be related to three main areas—schedule, budget, and stakeholder engagement. While no two projects are exactly the same, it is beneficial to note different ways that can prevent the most common mistakes in management.

Starting with Project Objectives and Responsibilities

It is critical to the success of any project that all team members are aware of and bought into their individual roles and responsibilities. Without clear communication of what is expected from everyone at the beginning, your team cannot collaborate properly to finish any project on time, within budget, and without mistakes.

To prevent this, project managers should hold a kickoff meeting with all key stakeholders at the beginning of every project. During this meeting, you should set expectations, establish accountability, and build a sense of ownership.

Communication with Your Team

As the project progresses, it is important that all parties are consistently kept in the loop to ensure that what you have established in the kickoff meeting is not put in jeopardy. Unfortunately, once a project is underway, team communication tends to fall by the wayside as you handle immediate issues and pressing concerns. When you are too focused on the issues that are happening now, future problems that could be prevented are missed. Periodic project reviews that ensure all team members have up-to-date information are essential in ensuring that costly mistakes are prevented and your project stays on your projected timeline.

Managing Resources

Successful project management relies heavily on effectively monitoring all of the resources you have available and when you have those resources available. You need to be able to track everything—your team, your tools, your permits, your documents, etc. While it is possible to have multiple systems to track all of this information, keeping everything centralized in one system is the most efficient way to monitor your resources. The accessibility and transparency of a centralized system also reduces errors in scheduling like rework, missing deadlines, planning improperly, and more.

Accessing Information

How much time do you spend writing emails, taking phone calls, or dealing with other communication avenues to answer simple questions or provide documentation to team members on a project? To free you from this constant back-and-forth and possible delays in the project, you need to have a system in place that allows team members access to all of the information and documents in one place, anytime and anywhere. With that time back, you can now concentrate on the aspects of management that you alone can handle.

Don’t Ignore Technology

You may believe it will take too much time to implement a new technology to help with a project. Or maybe your system works, and you don’t want to change something that works. Completely understandable. However, have you calculated how much time you will save on each project for the rest of the year after implementing a new technology? Have you made sure that a new technology wouldn’t make your system faster, easier, or safer?

With paskr, we are helping optimize every one of the areas we see the most mismanagement in. With paskr, you can keep everything centralized, provide transparency of info and progress, know exactly who is responsible for what and when, what the projected schedule for every aspect of the project is, and make communication between team members a breeze.

Let us show you how paskr was designed for you and your team to optimize what you are already doing.


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