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It is not surprising that many companies are going paperless. While some explain this transition as a move to better the environment by “going green,” the real truth is that by going paperless companies are able to streamline and optimize their processes. 

It’s hard to imagine that your construction company could ditch all the paper when every construction project has blueprints, contracts, permits, etc. However, given the competitive nature of today’s business landscape, general contracts are exploring the ways that technology could allow them to optimize their businesses—including no more paper!

To see whether your general contracting firm could go paperless, first you need to assess your current processes. Here are some questions that can help you determine if going paperless is the right option for you:

  1. How much time does your team spend printing and filing documents for each project? 
  2. How much could you save on the cost of paper and toner over the course of a week, a month, a year?
  3. How many hands does paperwork pass through—risking misplacement, errors, etc. each time? 
  4. How much time does it normally take to get hard copies of RFIs, Contracts, POs, etc. approved and to the correct party to begin work or payment? 
  5. Does your team ever have to rework because the hard copy plans/documents they had were out-of-date?

Based on the answers to these questions as well as your overall business needs, you may find that using a centralized construction software to go paperless will save you time, reduce risk, cut costs, and improve communications. You will want to ensure that the software you choose addresses the challenges you identified through your assessment. Here are a few questions you should answer when researching software options: 

  1. Does the software support centralized document access? 
  2. Is it compatible with common devices used by your team—mobile phones, tablets, laptops? 
  3. Is client support and training readily available to help our team transition to and maintain a paperless process?
  4. Does the software integrate with systems that are already in place such as accounting software?

By finding the construction software that fits your company’s needs the best, you increase the likelihood that going paperless is successful for you and your team. Luckily, paskr is a fantastic option for general contractors trying to go paperless or just reduce their paper usage. Since paskr is a cloud-based software, our centralized document storage is available both in a computer browser and through our mobile app. With accounting integrations for the top accounting softwares it is easy to connect your field teams with your in-office teams. In addition, our dedicated client experience team walks every one of your team members through an implementation process as well as provides chat, email, and phone support for your team!


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