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Pat Whelan

Construction has always been a way of life for me. My interest started as a small kid toting lumber. By eighteen, I worked for myself as a subcontractor framing houses, and to pay for college, I became a trim carpenter doing high-end staircases and custom moldings. I started my own commercial General Contracting firm only a year and a half out of college.

I still have the first tool belt I bought when I was in college – I use it to this day. There was a special feeling in pulling that leather pouch and belt on and cinching it up tight to hold the weight of all tools scattered at the bottom of those two large pouches with all the special nooks; with caulk and paint smears all along the way. That leather pouch had such a unique patina – it is a diary of my work. It tells my story; in actual sweat and bloodstains.

I am still a builder today, but now I construct and refine Project Management processes using software as one of the tools in my digital pouch. I started PASKR with the proceeds from selling my commercial construction company. It was a tremendously scary and exciting experience to change careers after so many years, but I knew with my experience in the field, I could make a difference for General Contractors everywhere. It is not just about a simple feature set that the program holds; it is my goal to create a program that is unique, simple, and impactful not only to your bottom line; but to the quality of your day.

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Innovation starts as a feeling.
Simplicity is a commitment.
Honesty and Respect are essential.
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