Construction Nightmares: 3 Fears that Keep You Awake at Night

Wrong Estimate Numbers. Missing Project Information. Documentation Filing Mishaps.

We have all lain awake at night scared and worried about these construction nightmares. During this Halloween season, we want to discuss common construction fears and how we can prevent them from adding to your insomnia.

Broken Excel Formulas

Your team works tirelessly to compile all the equipment costs, man hours, subcontractor bids, etc. for your construction estimate. They add all the numbers to your Excel sheet. Only for you to get that dreaded #REF where the final estimate numbers should be. Or even more terrifying—someone added a row that isn’t included in your final formula. Now your numbers are completely off…and you don’t know!

Prevent your team from breaking or excluding amounts in your Excel formulas by upgrading to a construction project management system that includes estimating. Use a no cost option like paskr’s Benchmark to start. This entry-level software includes our estimating module with cost codes. Sign up here!

Missing Scope of Work in Proposal Package

Your team installed a panel box in your latest site…only to realize it was the wrong one. The electrical scope of work was missing from the proposal package. Now your team has to put in a whole new panel box which means additional costs, man hours, and your project is behind schedule. 

Prevent this from happening by utilizing a construction project management software that automatically includes all scope of work, bids, or any other estimating documentation in your proposal package. In paskr’s Proposal Package module in Benchmark, everything from our estimating worksheet and scope of work is automatically added to the Proposal Package. Once in the Proposal Package, your team adds any additional documents or branding elements for a stand-out proposal! Sign up here!

What Was the Document’s Name Again?

A team member takes a much needed vacation with their family or friends. While they are out, you need to submit the proposal they were working on, but you can’t find it. You have looked in your digital file system (such as Dropbox or OneDrive); however, all you find are files labeled “Proposal 12” or “Nate’s Proposal” or “Proposal-version 6.” Because the file names are too vague, you open each one to see if it is the file you need. How much time are you wasting searching for this one file?

Prevent wasting time hunting down files that aren’t labeled properly by employing a construction project management software to keep everything sorted. Project management software keeps everything related to a project in one place, so you have easy access. In paskr’s Benchmark, you create as many projects as you need to track your estimates, proposals, etc. Sign up here!


Managing construction projects can be a nightmare because you do not have the tools or technology you or your team needs to be successful. This Halloween season, we want to help you get a good night’s rest as a result of using our cloud-based, construction software. A software you can get started with for no cost! Dun Dun Dun.

Sign up for Benchmark, our no cost pre-construction software solution, today and only have sweet dreams this spooky season. SIGN UP HERE!

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