Construction Nightmares: 5 Project Management Mistakes You Dread

Do you ever lay in bed, wide awake in the middle of the night with a sense of dread that you are missing something in your latest construction project? Halloween may be over, but the construction nightmares can still find you! Whether you dread scheduling mishaps, undocumented change orders, missing files, unprocessed info, or non-standardized billing, we have solutions to all your construction project management mistakes. 

Unknown Schedule Issues

You start each day checking your construction project schedule. Everything is on track and going as planned. Then, one day the team contracted to paint your interiors cannot start because the drywall installation was two days behind due to delayed delivery. And you didn’t know. There is nothing scarier on a construction project than being unaware your project is behind schedule. 

Prevent this unfortunate situation by employing a construction project management software program that ties all of your team’s daily logs directly to your schedule. With a schedule that updates based on daily updates from your whole team, you will never be caught unaware that your schedule is behind. Schedule a demo to see this part of paskr’s Top Out in action! 

Undocumented Change Orders

Someone mentions the doors on a project need to be changed from one model to another. The new doors are 3% more expensive, but your accounting team is never notified of the change because the update was only discussed instead of properly documented through a proper change order. 

Stop this process by requiring the use of a project management software—especially one that integrates with your accounting software. paskr’s Top Out integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop and Sage 100 and 300. To learn more about this integration, schedule a demo.

Lost Paperwork and Files

You are halfway through a construction project, and unfortunately, you have to let someone on your team go. Once they are no longer part of your team, you realize you have no idea where the paperwork or files they handled are. 

When you have one online system where all paperwork and files are electronically stored, you no longer worry about where any of your projects’ files may be. It is even more efficient if you have one source for all information about a construction project. To see Top Out’s file management system and how everything for a project can be stored in one online system, schedule a demo today!

Information Transfers

You spend hours on the bidding process to ensure no information or scope of work is missing for an accurate proposal. It pays off when you are awarded the project; however, when the contract is created information from the bid is accidentally left out. You begin work based on the contract without knowing your missing vital aspects

Never lose information between stages when your bidding, contracts, and project management is all in one system. paskr’s Top Out automatically transfers information from one stage to the next, so you never worry information already entered goes missing. See this in action with one of our specialists by scheduling a demo.

Non-standardized Invoices

Your subcontractors complete all of the contracted work on a project, and now it is time for them to invoice you. Each subcontractor submits a different format for their invoice. Not only are the invoices formatted differently, but each sub submits it via different channels—emails, in person, etc.. Because each invoice is different, it takes much longer to properly categorize, approve, and process each invoice, wasting your team’s time and delaying payment to your subcontractors. 

Speed up this process by having all subcontractor’s submit invoices through your project management system. The process is now standardized and with direct access to the software for you accounting team, the full process from payment request to paid is much shorter. See how subcontractors access paskr’s Top Out to bid, contract, and submit payment by booking a demo with one of our specialists.

Never let these construction project management worries keep you awake at night. We want you well rested and productive each and every day, so sign up for a quick overview demo or a deeper dive into your specific needs. SCHEDULE TODAY!

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