Construction Project Management Software Excuses Debunked

Technology has changed the way businesses operate. This is obvious in the construction industry where completion of a project hinges on constant monitoring, communication, and tracking. Many companies have already automated their businesses by implementing construction management software, and they are seeing amazing results. It has helped to facilitate effective collaboration and communication, and it keeps the business at the forefront of the ever-changing demands of the industry.

However, not all companies are leveraging technology to address common business concerns. Sometimes implementing something new can seem too much. Here are three of the most common excuses we have heard for why a company cannot implement construction management software…and why they are simply excuses.

“We can’t handle a complicated implementation right now. We have actual work to worry about.”

Companies often put off adopting new technology or procedures because it will disrupt the work they feel is more important. While adding anything new to your plate always comes with a learning curve, if you feel like you cannot add anything to what you are already doing, this is in fact the perfect time to focus on automating the tasks that do not require your specific expertise. By implementing construction management software, you take the tedious but necessary administrative tasks off your plate in the long run allowing you to focus on the tasks that will optimize your business, reduce your risk, and just make your day better.

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“We can’t afford it.”

Many business owners see the price tag that comes with new technology and decide it is too expensive; however, if you reframe how you look at construction project management software into man hours, you may realize that it will save you money. How many hours does your team spend tracking down information, writing, submitting, and filing RFIs, expenses, etc.? If a construction project management software reduces all of these tasks from hours to minutes, what is the cost of those man hours saved? Would you now be able to have each project manager take on one more project? Would your people be able to reduce the amount of build time since they can spend more time building than filing or finding paperwork?

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“Our current system works just fine.”

We all have heard the adage, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”; however, sometimes we don’t know when something is broken. Is your process broken if you are at capacity and cannot take on any other projects with your current resources? Is it broken if your team is spending hours updating or checking information but there hasn’t been a major error or mistake yet? Would you see these systems as broken?

It may seem easier to continue with a system you are familiar with that doesn’t seem broken, but you will never be able to scale your business if you continue using the same system that has you working at capacity or spending hours on repetitive tasks. Technology like construction project management software allows you to increase your capacity without adding man hours. It gives you the opportunity to optimize your processes to allow every person on your team to have a better day, every day. Sometimes, in order to make your company the best, you have to find a better system even if you believe your current system works.

Are these excuses you have found yourself saying when asked about adding a new technology to your tool belt? Instead of letting one of these be the reason you do not optimize your business, truly determine if this is just an excuse to not change or a legitimate reason you cannot implement construction project management software.

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