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Win more, work faster.
  • Full markup and annotation ability
  • Upload & store drawings
  • Upload multiple sets of files
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Bid Invitations
  • Easily notify subs
  • Realtime document management
  • Easily compare sub bids
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  • Customizable estimating templates
  • Simple spreadsheet format
  • Automate estimate to proposal
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Proposal Packages
  • Completely automated proposal packages
  • Quickly send proposals
  • Professional Proposal Packages
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Project Management

Every project in one place.
Contracts (Sub, Owner)
  • AIA Contracts built in
  • Automated contract development
  • Built in e-signature and notary
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  • Gnatt chart scheduling
  • Critical path
  • Tie schedules to field activity
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Purchase Orders
  • Easily create & send
  • Log and track
  • Automatically update Accounting
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Change Orders
  • Owner & Sub change orders
  • 5 minute change order
  • Log and track change items
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  • Auto generate submittal register
  • Easily track submittals
  • No log in for submitters
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  • Track through email
  • No log in for responders
  • Track open & closed RFIs
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  • Assign and track tasks
  • Distribute meeting minutes
  • Easily attach reports
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  • 70 + reports available
  • Realtime job cost reporting
  • Send reports with one click
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Field Management

Seamlessly connecting field to office.
Mobile App
  • Seamlessly connect field and office
  • Entire project at your fingertips
  • Available on IOS and Android
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Daily Logs
  • Easily include photos
  • From mobile app or cloud
  • Full voice to text
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Time Cards
  • Auto sync to accounting
  • Tie time to correct cost item
  • Track time for employees & subs
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Field Expenses
  • Submit expenses direct from the field
  • Built-in approval process
  • Automatically sync with accounting
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Punch Lists
  • Attach photos to list
  • Assign subcontractors responsible
  • Track open and closed punch out items
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Accurate job costs and reporting at your fingertips.
Sub Billing
  • Connect sub bills direct to accounting software
  • Digital lien waivers included
  • Eliminate over billing
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Owner Billing
  • AIA billing apps available
  • Customizable schedule of values
  • Digital lien waivers included
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Lien Waivers
  • Digital lien waivers & notary included
  • Customizable waivers
  • Automatically attach to pay application
Change Orders
  • Easily submit change orders
  • Digital signatures included
  • Automatically update budgets
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Purchase Orders
  • Digital signatures included
  • Easily track all PO’s
  • Submit direct to vendor
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  • Submit expenses from field
  • Approval process built in
  • Automatically sync with accounting
  • 70 reports included
  • Track all job costs
  • Auto sync information with accounting
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