RedTeam Acquires paskr – Frequently Asked Questions

We received lots of great questions from you, our customers, so here are some of those questions and the answers.

What does this mean for my software? Will the paskr platform remain independent?

  • The paskr and RedTeam products are both leaders in the industry, but address project management in different ways. By maintaining two separate construction management platforms, RedTeam now offers a range of solutions designed to grow as you do.
  • As technology advances and job site needs change, we will invest in improving both platforms. Both platforms have an active development roadmap and will continue to make updates to meet your needs. Both platforms will remain independent. 

What does this mean for my price?

  • One difference between the two platforms is the pricing model. Just as it is important to offer two unique platform solutions, we will also maintain two pricing solutions that fit the platforms.
  • Pricing is something we continually reassess. Our commitment is to always provide the best return on your investment. This core commitment continues for RedTeam and paskr.

Will I be able to work with the same people?

  • Both the RedTeam and paskr team are the best in the industry. Our plan is to keep and expand the existing teams as the company continues to grow. As experts in each platform share information, our entire team will meet your needs better than ever.


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